C2 Custom Cloud

Jungle Lasers listens, then builds, custom business software.

C2 Custom Cloud Application Features and Benefits


Key Benefits

We are the bartenders of the software world. You come into our bar, sit down, order a drink and say “My software doesn’t’ understand me?” We say, “So your software doesn’t understand you?” You say, “Yeah, for instance…”

About 2 hours later we have a pretty good idea of what is needed; a bathroom break. Also, what your software should look like. Let’s face it, you know more about your business than any outsider can ever know. You know what works, what doesn’t and what would make it better. We know how to do what you need. You must be 21 to enter.

So, now that we’ve established that 2 hours is our limit, let’s work that into the process. Let’s meet and discuss your needs every week. Then, we will go away and work for a week and when we return, we can discuss what we’ve done and if it is what you meant. If not, no big deal. We really haven’t spent a week on it and we haven’t gone far down any one road. We’ve learned a little and it is an opportunity for you to see what we did and how the opportunities inherent in the software might suggest some other approach. Then we go away again. Leading to the next segment…

Nobody gets it right the first time and there used to be a fearsome price in getting it wrong. Coding used to be truly and frighteningly expensive. No more. What we are doing is engaging in a process of probing and unintentional feinting. But all of the moves reveal what must be done, the right path to take. Our mutual failures inform. The software keeps getting better.

We are heading towards perfect. The first step is for us to talk and, well, this is embarrassing,  we seem to have lost your number. Please call us at 732.686.1500 to start a conversation. While the overall software we will eventually create with you may be enormous it starts out with tiny binary steps such as “Step 1: When this happens do this. Step 2: If it doesn’t happen, do that”. Or, “Step 1: If you call, we will have a pleasant chat. Step 2: If you don’t…see Step 1!” And so begins our journey.

C2 Custom Cloud

From software that drives paper mill production runs, to the management of remote field personnel in a multi-state area, to assuring that 8th graders from across the nation have a smooth field trip to Washington, DC, our custom solutions are varied and interesting.

The solutions spring from the minds of our clients and are built in a series of iterative sprints:

  • that part works, keep it;
  • that’s wrong, change it;
  • hey, that gives me an idea, can we try…?

We trash a lot of great code on the way to creating your perfect software and the good news is that we know it’s going to happen, plan for it, embrace it.

Listener-in-Chief, Mark Catanese runs the listening department and is our partner in charge of Product Development.  Mark has created software as varied as those mentioned above (paper mill, field inspection, and excursion planning software) as well as:

  • Solar panel sales and installation management
  • Utility company street opening and workflow
  • Fleet management
  • Condominium management
  • Victim Support management
  • Music venue planning
  • Snow removal management
  • Design management
  • Association management
  • Auto repair store management
  • Annual Meeting Mobile Apps

The above is only a partial list of things we used to know nothing about and which is now enterprise-critical software driving organizations large and small.

What is so magical about this is that the software enables all staff to contribute, to reveal the essence of what they do.  We are amazed at the pent up desire for staff members at all levels to unload.  Unbelievable ideas spill out and improvements that your employees have been wishing for get asked about.  Suggestions and insights heretofore unvoiced get voiced and a new and improved process is revealed.  The software and approach we use is so simple, clear and obvious that your team will become proficient in directing software development.  This is interesting and fun.  It is also important.

In the end, the process of software development is about communication between you and us.  It is about trust, it is about making mistakes, correcting them, always improving, embracing the expansion of the basic software idea, and the joy in the ability of this software to allow us to quickly (and this means inexpensively) correct the software so that it is exactly what you want.

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