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{g}grants Cloud Application Features and Benefits


Key Benefits

Many foundations function with a small team and a small budget. With these slim resources, your organization must run efficiently. A paper-based grant process or installed software does not equal efficiency.

Our cloud-based grants management software eliminates the need for paperwork, stores your data in one place, and you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Our streamlined software will allow you to focus on strategy, relationship building, and outcomes measurement – three keys to philanthropic success.

It’s challenging to develop key statistics that speak to your grants’ success; however, with customized reports, you can collect the data that matter most to you.

With our reporting feature, you can slice and dice the data every which way possible. This customization allows you to determine the results of your grants, track outcomes, and determine the ROI of your philanthropic investments.

Without trust and transparency, foundations cannot ethically conduct work in the communities in which they serve. We understand this, and that’s why we built an API with Guidestar into {g}grants. With this data, you can ensure your grantees comply with IRS guidelines.

If your organization provides fiscal sponsorships, {g}grants facilitates this grant process as well. Our processes and procedures will always match your organization’s needs.

To facilitate a more equitable review process, {g}grants offers the ability to collaborate both within your team and outside your team. Multiple user licenses provide your internal team the ability to contribute to the review process or search for information on a past grantee. An audit trail tracks changes on each and every data field.

Your review committee has the ability to edit and review grants from their own reviewer portal. This level of collaboration ensures your team will provide the right level of scrutiny to every grant request.

You understand your organization better than anyone – your recurring grant applicants, the quarterly progress reports sent to the board, your unique requirements. Why would you attempt to fit your programs into a cookie cutter grants management software?

As a customizable and configurable platform, {g}grants fits the needs, processes, and requirements of your foundation. From applications to reviews and progress reports, you influence the design and configuration.

Our clients range from governments, municipalities, arts organizations to family foundations and community foundations including one of the nation’s top 20 grantmaking community foundations by asset size. We’re prepared to apply our knowledge working with these institutions to your organization’s needs, goals, and desires.

Key features of the software include:
  • Program Cycle Management
  • Grant Program Management
  • Reviewer Scoring
  • GuideStar API
  • Reviewer and Affiliate Portals
and more!


It’s important that you have a team to rely upon whether you or one of your applicants has a support question. We provide personalized customer service with a team of professionals with 20 years of experience in cloud-based software. We won the North American Innovation Award from Progress Software in 2014, so we know a thing or two about software development and design. Allow our experience to work for you.

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