Key Contacts

Our products are managed by people dedicated to your field and aware of industry trends and best practices of your profession.

Kristine Salamone – Vice President of Project Management & Client Satisfaction

Kris is the Senior Vice President of Project Management and Client Satisfaction.   She is the primary point of contact for all Geo3.0 and {g}grants (grants and scholarships) software.  In her role, she oversees all areas of all the programs.  This includes being a client advocate, making sure the programs are working properly, improving client experience and reviewing support tickets.  Additional areas of responsibility include taking client calls and emails, responding to requests for proposals (RFP) for new business, product demonstrations, and product training.

Kris joined Jungle Lasers, LLC in January 2007 as the Accounting Manager and rose to the ranks of Vice President of Operations within 6 months.  With the acquisition of the {g}grants business, she was promoted to her current position.

Prior to joining Jungle Lasers Kris worked for Makita USA as a Customer Service Supervisor in the Dayton, NJ branch for 10 years.  During her employment at Makita USA, Kris graduated Kean University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

While out of the office, Kris enjoys spending time with her family, going to sporting events, and traveling. Her future plans include being CEO of Jungle Lasers, LLC.

Kris can be reached at 732-686-1511 direct, or 866-502-1944 toll free or by email at

Ray Hodnett, CEO and Dean Garfinkel, COO

In 1998, these two joined forces as partners and established Jungle Lasers, LLC. Ray and Dean are the firm’s Managing Members, eager to help you with your software needs.

Raymond J. Hodnett, 732-686-1505 direct or 866-502-1944 toll free or by email at
Dean S. Garfinkel, 732-686-1515 direct or 866-502-1944 toll free or by email at